Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

What Size Outdoor Electric Heater Do I Need? Your Radiant Outdoor Heater Guide

When it comes to entertaining outdoors in Australia, a radiant heater is a perfect companion for the cooler months. This guide will help you navigate through the myriad options available, focusing on the range of Infratech’s outdoor electric heaters that offer warmth, style, and energy efficiency for your outdoor space.

What Is Radiant Heat and Why Choose a Radiant Outdoor Electric Heater?

Unlike conventional heaters that heat the air, radiant heaters work by directly warming the objects and people in their path. This makes them particularly suitable for outdoor use, where warm air from conventional heaters can be carried away by the wind. Infratech’s range of electric outdoor heaters utilises radiant heat to provide effective warmth, making them an ideal choice for your patio or backyard.

What Factors Determine the Right Size Heater for My Outdoor Space?

The size of the heater you need depends on a few factors. Firstly, consider the dimensions of your outdoor space. Small spaces may only require a single, compact heater, while larger areas might benefit from multiple heaters. Additionally, take into account the average temperature during the cooler months and the level of insulation provided by any walls, fences or flora.

How Do Ceiling Mounted Heaters Enhance the Heating Efficiency?

Ceiling-mounted heaters are a popular choice for those who want to heat a large area. By placing the heater up high, the radiant heat can spread over a larger surface area, providing more consistent heat throughout your outdoor area. Infratech’s range includes several ceiling-mounted heaters that deliver efficient heating and blend seamlessly with your outdoor décor.

Can the Style and Mounting of My Heater Impact Its Heating Efficiency?

Yes, the style and mount of your heater can significantly impact its heating efficiency. Infratech’s heaters can be installed in such a way as to effectively heat areas efficiently and discreetly. There are flush-mount options in the units are tidily placed against a wall or at the juncture of the wall and ceiling, or you can choose Infratech’s drop-pole option: Drop Pole installation is the top choice for outdoor living spaces with high, vaulted and uneven ceilings because it allows heaters to be installed and positioned in different directions. Infratech offers heaters in a variety of different models with various heating capacities for installing in different sized areas. Wall-mounted heaters are perfect for patios with limited floor space, while drop-pole mounting offers the flexibility to be installed in many areas under rooflines. It’s important to remember that portable gas heaters can often be bulky, difficult to maintain and take up a lot of room – while not offering the efficient advantages of radiant heat. 

How Can I Easily Control the Temperature of My Outdoor Heater? More Than Just a Remote Control

Adjusting the temperature heat settings on your Infratech outdoor heater is easy. Models come with a remote control for convenient temperature adjustment, while others can be connected to your smartphone or smart home system for hands-free control. This allows you to maintain the perfect temperature, whether you’re entertaining guests or just enjoying a quiet evening in your lounge. 

What Are the Unique Advantages of Outdoor Radiant Infrared Heating?

Infrared heaters provide instantaneous, targeted heat, making them an energy-efficient choice for outdoor heating. Unlike conventional heaters, they don’t waste energy heating the air, so you’ll feel the warmth as soon as the heater is turned on. Additionally, Infratech’s infrared heaters operate silently and produce no exhaust, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Why Should I Choose Infratech Heaters for My Outdoor Heating Solutions?

Infratech heaters combine functionality and style, with a range of models designed to suit any outdoor area. They offer the benefits of radiant infrared heat, ensuring energy-efficient, immediate heat. Whether you’re seeking a sleek, wall-mounted heater for a small patio or a robust, ceiling-mounted model for larger spaces, Infratech’s range of outdoor heaters has got you covered. There’s a model suited for your needs and with every unit having a discreet and stylish design, your guests will be treated to a warm space that’s not about the heat, but about the experience. So, whether you need a small electric patio heater or something more substantial for a large space, we have what you need.

What Range of Outdoor Electric Radiant Heaters Does Infratech Offer?

Infratech offers an effective range of outdoor heaters to cater to various needs. Whether you’re after a 2,500-watt heater for your cosy patio or a powerful 6,000W heater for a spacious entertainment area or your restaurant’s alfresco dining space, Infratech has a solution. All models are designed with elegance and efficiency in mind, ensuring they add a touch of style to your outdoor area.

You can choose from our:

Ideal for wall or ceiling mount applications
Use in high visual impact locations
Mounting heights: 2.1 – 3.4 metres
2,500 – 4,000 watt capacities
Choose from stainless steel or Black with Contemporary Motif Facia

Ideal for wall or ceiling mount applications
Concentrated heat for large scale coverage in high visual impact locations
Mounting heights: 2.4 – 4.3 metres
4,000 – 6,000 watt capacities
Choose from stainless steel or Black with Contemporary Motif Facia

Ideal for wall or ceiling mount applications
Sleek, modern styling, brushed stainless steel trim with optional dark contrasting housing
Mounting heights: 2.1 – 3.4 metres
2,400, 3,000 or 4,000 watt capacities

Are There Any Specific Electric Heater Models Suitable for Small Spaces or BBQ Areas?

Yes, Infratech has heaters specifically designed for small spaces or BBQ areas. Our slimline, wall-mounted models are perfect for compact patios, while the more powerful models are great for larger areas or spaces where BBQs often take place.

Remember, the capacity of the outdoor heater you need depends on your specific circumstances – the size of your outdoor living space, the average outdoor temperature, and your personal heating preference. Infratech offers a variety of heaters in different capacities and styles, ensuring you’ll find the perfect heater for your needs.

Electric Outdoor Heating – Efficiency, Design and Elegance

If there’s one brand that encapsulates efficiency, design, and elegance in outdoor heating, it’s undoubtedly Infratech.

Renowned for their industry-leading electric heaters, Infratech brings together American craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to deliver a product line that’s as stylish as it is functional.

Outdoor heating solutions offered by Infratech combine radiant heat technology with energy-efficient performance. These heaters don’t just warm your outdoor dining area, patio or backyard but do so in an eco-friendly manner, using infrared technology to directly heat objects and people, rather than wasting energy on heating the air. It’s a method that brings immediate heat, even in the coldest Australian winters.

Designed for seamless integration into your outdoor entertainment spaces, Infratech heaters come in various capacities and styles, conveniently fitting in your alfresco, under the veranda or over your BBQ area. Aesthetic appeal is further enhanced with the Motif collection’s decorative fascias, adding a touch of elegance to the heater’s sleek and neutral design. With a rang of models with ceiling or wall-mounted options, Infratech ensures that your outdoor heating solution doesn’t compromise your space’s visual appeal.

Moreover, the heaters are available with remote control functionality, providing convenient temperature adjustment options. Certain models even allow for a voice-activated, hands-free control, offering a truly premium experience.

Investing in an Infratech heater means more than just a warmer outdoor area; it’s a commitment to energy efficiency, innovative design, and a stylishly elegant product that adds value to your property. Whether you’re looking to entertain friends, host a festive BBQ, or simply enjoy a cosy night outdoors, an Infratech heater is the perfect addition to your outdoor living space.

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