Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

Safety Tips around your Heater this Winter

radiation in heaters

How safe is your heater?

Safety standards for heaters have continued to improve over the years.  We must always be aware and respect the fact that heaters radiate heat to warm our environment. However, it is important not to become complacent with this convenience of warmth. It is never a good idea to leave items directly on a heater to dry. Clothes, toys, linen, shoes, etc

Nothing should ever be directly left on the heater to quickly dry. This is not what heaters were designed for and unfortunately can result not only in the items on the heater being damaged, but may lead to a house fire.

What is the safest form of heating?

Electric heaters are often referred to as other names. These include halogen, quartz, or radiant heaters. These are considered the most efficient, effective and cheapest form of heating.

Electric heaters also often have thermostats so they cut out at a certain temperature and shut off completely if there are any electrical faults.

They also heat the room by heating their own internal element. This means they do not emit any harmful gases or odours. This can be very important when it comes to allergies and skin irritations.

They have less working parts than gas heaters so limited chances of multiple parts needing replacement or creating hazards due to faulty accessories.

Is it safe to run a heater all night?

Research conducted by the National Fire Protection Association has revealed faulty heating units are the second leading cause of house fires. They do come with safety features however it is not recommended heaters be left on overnight.

Sometimes heaters are left on so as to help dry washing. This should be avoided. The object holding the washing may break or fall over, creating the risk of the clothing falling onto the heater and creating a fire.

From a health perspective, running a heater all night can also dry out your skin and nasal passages.

Drying clothes on a heater

Why Infratech heaters are safe

Infratech are world leaders when it comes to research and development. They are made from recyclable materials and release no greenhouse gases, odours or ultraviolet light.

Radiant heat is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of heating in both the domestic and industrial markets. It can be used both indoors and out in spaces where heated air cannot easily be contained and re-circulated.

Infratech heaters are an example of far infrared which means the wavelengths can travel a distance to warm a particular area.

Gas heaters, if not maintained properly can sometimes release life threatening carbon monoxide (CO). Electric infrared heaters emit no harmful gases to affect people or the environment.

Electric heating is considered the best form of warmth as it is 100% efficient. It turns all the electricity it draws into actual heat.

Infratech infrared heaters are wall mounted, pole mounted or ceiling mounted. The stops any suggestions of contact burns. No part of the unit is free standing so not only is it a safe distance from objects or people, it is whisper quiet.

infratech heaters are safe

How to prevent burns risks with heaters

In the colder months, heater burns account for many serious injuries. These often occur when young children are not supervised around exposed fires sure as open fires, portable gas heating and BBQs.

  • Make sure guards are attached to heaters to prevent anyone standing too close to the heat source. If you have an open fire, make sure the guard is fixed.
  • Attach a brace or support to portable gas heaters.
  • Do not use petrol or gas to start fires.

If a burn is larger than the size of the victims hand, or the burn has occurred on the face, neck or genitals, call Triple Zero immediately.

Heater safety maintenance

All other forms of heating apart from infrared heating require maintenance. This ongoing cost needs to be taken into consideration when you choose your form of heating.

Gas heaters require at least yearly checks and possible equipment and accessory replacement. Wood fires require flu and chimney checks as well as regular checking of the safety of the surrounding area.

Radiation and your heater

Infrared technology is a form of electromagnetic radiation. The initial suggestion of radiation is often a concern for people. This is a different form of radiation as opposed to the unsafe kind. Infrared heating is 100% safe.

Certain forms of electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous. These include the electromagnetic light we cannot see, such as ultraviolet and x rays. The visible light we see though, such as infrared in absolutely safe.

Infrared heating is widely adopted by business, including hotels, cafes, resorts, conference centers, clubs, bars, etc due to its high safety levels. Owners can ensure the safety of their staff and patrons.

radiation in heaters

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