Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

Enjoy Outdoor Living all year round

Infratech Technology Enjoy Outdoor Living all year round

Outdoor Living in Australia

After coming off what can be arguably said was a consistent Summer, in the next 6 weeks daylight savings will be gone, and we will be staring down the cooler months.

We eat differently when we cook outside. Not so much of the heavy stodgy foods like stews, casseroles and pasta but lighter meat and salad combinations which tend to leave us feeling lighter but satisfied.

So how do we hold onto those good eating habits in the cooler months but manage to stay warm? Infratech indoor and outdoor heating is the answer.

Infratech heating units are made from 100% recyclable materials and do not emit any greenhouse gases, nor do they release any odours or ultra violet light which can be harmful as it is a form of UV radiation.

Infrared technology distributes an even, ambient heat that will not be overpowering or have you huddled around the element.  Infratech heaters have a Quartz heating element which provides an environmentally clean, safe wavelength of light that is absorbed only be solid objects as opposed to heating the air.

Infratech Technology Enjoy Outdoor Living all year round

The technology behind the product

Infratech is one of the industry’s leading outdoor heaters specialist and prides themselves on innovation, smart design and environmental awareness. They have been producing heating for over 50 years and create the most up to date quality materials and components that technology allows.  Infratech infrared heating delivers 90% efficiency outdoors.  It does not lose continuum with the wind or elements, it is directional and produces an incredibly high power of radiant heat, consistently.  Infratech heaters do not emit odours or greenhouse gases and are silent in their operation.  They also do not require any ventilation.

Reasons for using outdoor heating

Infratech heaters can be found in homes, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, resorts, cafes.  The commercial use of the product makes sense from an increased revenue and patronage point if view.  It gives customers a reason to come to your venue all year-round. For big complexes such as hotels and resorts, Infratech works with these industries to create heating design solutions adequate for their large spaces.

From a domestic angle, well the benefits are various.  You basically create another room in your house when you install Infratech heating. You can sit outdoors to entertain guests, no matter what time of year. You can sit outside with your coffee or breakfast to enjoy the outdoor experience in the morning. You can eat outdoors with the family every night. An extra living room can be created whether it is for you or the kids. The uses an Infratech heater creates for your outdoor area are endless. You could even put one in the man cave with our range of slimline heaters.

Big complexes such as hotels and resorts have very specific needs.  Infratech can work with these industries to create heating design solutions suitable for their large spaces.

If you have outdoor blinds, your pergola can virtually become another living area attached to the house.  You can essentially eat outside all year round.

For cafe & restaurant owners, keep them happy and read on – Why All Cafe & Restaurant Owners should have Commercial Outdoor Heating

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