Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

Spotlight: C-Series and CD-Series Outdoor Heaters

Infratech’s Commercial Grade Heaters

Infratech radiant heaters are a commercial grade heater that can also support a domestic application. They have over 50 years of research and development behind them products making them one of the leaders in their field. Infratech manufacture heaters that are suitable for domestic use but also cater for mega complex style settings. They provide a whole heating package including engineering, design, configuration, customised controllers, duplex stack switches and more which allows you to maintain optimal use of your Infratech heating unit.

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The C-Series consists of a single element unit manufactured to heat large volume areas such as hotels, conference centres, resorts and other large scale venues. The C-Series has a unique design concentrating on locations with mounting heights of 2 – 3.3 metres. Recessed installation with inset mounting brackets give the outdoor heater that floating effect which allows the units to seamlessly blend into your decor. Boasting a 1500-4000 watt range these units are compatible with custom controllers for large scale residential or commercial type use. You also have a choice of finishes including brushed steel, standard or custom colour.



This is a dual element unit with an increased capacity to heat a larger area. This design allows for mounting heights of 2.5 – 4.2 metres. Units in the Series range from 3000-6000 watts. This range is compatible with the customs controllers available with units that have larger load capabilities. The CD series also have the added compatibility with duplex switches which allows you to only have one element of the unit operational if you choose which allows greater user control and can also save energy. 
This Series have all the mounting options available including pole, wall, ceiling and flush mount. They can also be the perfect indoor heating solution thanks to their low profile rating meaning they need minimal clearance. You also have the option of a solid state controller, a home management systems, duplex stack switch or a universal control system.


Indoor heating installation

Infratech are often associated with outdoor patio heating but their units are also suitable for indoor use. Because the heaters are categorised as “low profile”, meaning they have minimal clearance requirements, they can also complement any indoor installation. Wall or ceiling mounting would create seamless integration and a warm ambient environment for family members and guests.

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