Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

Make Your Summer Nights Last Longer

Why do we entertain outdoors only in the summer months? Australians love the great outdoors but what do we do when the sun goes down and the temperature drops after those warm days? How can we make those summer nights last longer outside?

5 Ways to Keep Warm Outside at Night Once the Temperature Drops

  • Install Infratech infrared outdoor heaters
  • Install outdoor blinds 
  • Insulate the area well
  • Position outdoor furniture in the least exposed part of the area
  • Store blankets outside

Our Outdoor Living Habits

At the first sign of the weather being over 20 degrees and the promise of some sunshine we start to do as much as we possibly can outside –  reading, eating, playing, gardening, picnics, entertaining, BBQing, walking, anything we can do outside we do it. 

In Australia, each state has a different climate. Some states have consistently better weather and these are the states that tend to enjoy the outdoors much more. The Australian states that have daylight savings are the colder the ones with cooler climates. When these states put their clocks back 1 hour in the first week of October, the weather is improving so those states find themselves making a huge effort to enjoy the longer days outside.

How to Extend Your Summer Parties Into the Night

Our days in summer can be mild to very hot but our nights seem to be mild to cooler. So how do we make sure our summer nights last longer so family and guests don’t get chilly? 

With the installation of an Infratech infrared heater emitting radiant heat, your guests and family won’t even know there has been a temperature variation. Days can be sunshine filled but after the sun goes down, so does the temperature. To continue your outdoor enjoyment install a mounted outdoor heater which will take the chill from the night air. 


Design Your Outdoor Area for Your Climate

If you are in the cooler states of Australia, the design of your outdoor area will be crucial in determining how often it is used. Colder states would include SA, VIC, TAS. Just because summertime is upon us doesn’t mean the nights are always warm.

Month (2018)Evening Temperature

You don’t want to be limited by the weather, you want to make sure your outdoor area is as functional and versatile as possible, no matter what the temperature is. In the colder states down south we can experience quick weather changes so we want to be comfortable outside which means a thoughtful design is crucial.

How to Design an Outdoor Area to Maximise Its Use

A stylish well designed outdoor area will have you spending less time inside, even in the colder months. Creating the right design and getting the right advice is a perfect opportunity to increase your liveability outside. Heating is now recognised as a key feature when it comes to turning our outdoors into a comfortable entertaining hub.

Infratech heaters have a wide range of size and function options available to suit every outdoor area, large or small.

Positioning of furniture and fixtures such as TVS, dining tables, wall mounted heating and BBQs will be the key to a seamless transition from your inside living to your outdoor living. It needs to have protection from the elements and unprotected corners. It will be pointless having an outdoor heated mounted and facing an open area. It will also prove to be a problem if your dining table is in an uncovered area of the pergola. Be practical and simplistic when designing your outdoor area. Less is more and if you really need to add colour, do it with plants.

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