Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

Outdoor Heater – Why Choose Infratech?

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More and more businesses are recognising the benefits of an outdoor heater to keep their patrons comfortable all year-round. With the inclusion of high output outside heating, you can now eat anywhere in any weather once it has been installed. Infratech heating technology has all your outdoor heating solutions covered.

Why Choose an Infratech Outdoor Heater?

Infratech design outdoor heating for many different industries, including the domestic market, commercial market and the automotive industry.  They have researched and perfected all aspects of heating and now, deliver a quality trusted product through the heating sector.

  • All packaging and materials are 100% recyclable
  • They are manufactured in Los Angeles in the USA
  • You do not have to be building to incorporate outdoor heating
  • Infratech heaters can be flush, ceiling, wall, or pole mounted.

The sales team can work with you to design an exclusive plan for your heating needs including assorted colours, size, controller and mounting options.

Infratech is often the first choice of architects, engineers, and designers.  They work with these front-line people to design a perfect heating solution for your home.

Their choices range from 2000 to 6000 watts.

Found in homes, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, resorts, cafes etc. Infratech links themselves to quality distributors who will embody their ethos of quality and customer service.  For more information go to

Panel Heating Quality

Infratech outdoor heating produces an environmentally friendly, economical and versatile solution to your outdoor heating needs.

They have been producing heating for over 50 years and research the most up to date quality materials and components that technology provides.  They are world leaders in the provision of the best value, highly efficient, industry-specific heating in state of the art facilities in Southern California.

Choosing the Best Heating Available

Infratech infrared heating delivers 90% efficiency outdoors and does not lose continuum with the wind or elements. The radiant heaters are directional, producing an incredibly high power of radiant heat consistently.

Infratech heaters do not emit odours or greenhouse gases and are silent in their operation and do not require any ventilation.

Who use an Outdoor Heater

Why not sit outside with your coffee or breakfast to enjoy the outdoor experience in the morning as well?

An outdoor heater attached to an eatery can increase revenue and profit by providing outdoor dining and entertaining all year round.

Infratech is able to work with these industries to create heating design solutions adequate for their large spaces.

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