Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Outdoor Heating

Most people love the Australian weather but one thing we can all agree on is the unpredictability is something no one enjoys.

For business owners, a great day can quickly turn into a chilly night and although your premises might have the best design and a beautiful outdoor area, losing out on potential customers is never a good thing.
You may have already sorted this problem by getting yourself some temporary outdoor heaters to keep your guests warm but as much as they may do the job, you understand they’re just adequate.

So, surely technology must have come up with something new by now?

Infratech Heaters

Enter Infratech Heaters

Luckily for you, science has pulled through and has come up with an even better way to heat your outdoor spaces.

Let us introduce Infratech Heaters.

A breeze to install and operate with the added benefit of a reduced cost of operation, your previous heating solution will not be able to compete.

With their incredible line of infrared heaters, you have yourself a multitude of options to heat your outdoor areas. Whether you’re looking to heat a larger surface area or if you’re after a more sleek, modern design, Infratech Heaters will have a heater to suit your needs.

But why are Infrared Heaters so special?

Benefits of Outdoor Infrared Heaters

Any new invention or innovation could mean several things to different people, both good and bad. They could be just what is needed or worse than what you were originally using before.

With Infrared Heaters, you will wish they were invented sooner.

Here are 4 reasons why:

They Work Instantly

Other heaters rely on the heat of the flame to be carried around the area you are looking to heat. This reliance on convection means that it will take a bit of time before the heat being distributed starts to be felt by the people in the area.

An infrared heater works a little differently.

Have you ever wondered why you feel cool while standing in shade but immediately feel the heat when you step into the sunlight?

That, my friends, is infrared heat.

The infrared radiation is absorbed by your clothing and your body and you start feeling the warmth immediately.

Simplicity Guaranteed

Many other types of heaters are known for the amount of work that goes into installing them.

Even with the beauty of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, you must also consider keeping it topped up, or even worse, running out of fuel to keep the heat flowing.

With an infrared heater, you don’t have to worry about such things. It’s as easy as thinking about where to situate them and how they are going to go up on the wall. From there, it’s very easy to deliver power to them.

Cheaper to Operate

This is the part that you’re going to appreciate the most and we’ll try not to get too techy with it.

With a convection heater, electricity has to pass through the heating element, which in turn will heat the air around it.
Hot air is much lighter than cold air, so it will rise. This is for models that don’t use a blower to push away the already heated air.
All this means is that heating a room will take some time, and the energy used will be quite significant.

On the other hand, an infrared heater only needs to put out infrared radiation. Your body and the surfaces around you will naturally turn that radiation into heat.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

This is reflected in the power ratings of the different heaters in comparison here. An infrared heater that has a power output level of 600 watts will give the same heating feel as a convection heater rated at 1500 watts. That’s slightly more than a third of the power of a convection heater.

Smaller Temperature Differentials

The differences in how both deliver heat mean that you can also provide comfort much faster.
As mentioned earlier, electric heating relies on the movement of air to spread heat all across the room. In an outdoor setting, this would translate into some areas experiencing cold spots while others could be a bit too hot for comfort.

Infrared Outdoor Heating is provided evenly all across the room.

Another advantage of an Infrared Heater is space. It’s pretty common for others to require a significant amount of room just to set up the heating of the outdoor area. If you decide to buy an Infratech Heater it can be mounted almost anywhere, for example on the ceiling or high up on the walls.

If you would like to know more about how you can get yourself infrared heating, simply click the link below and be amazed by the incredible products in our range.

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