Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

Infratech Heaters will Create an Outdoor Area that People will Love

Park Slope Design - Infratech Helps Create an Outdoor Area that People will Love

We all like the feel of being surrounded by nature, especially when we are relaxing. The advent of outdoor entertaining has seen a resurgence in recent years. People now have outdoor kitchens, wall mounted televisions, outdoor lounge and dining areas, larger pergolas, etc. As Australians, we have really embraced the notion that the patio area can essentially be considered another room in the house.

It can be seen as more than just an entertaining area when friends come for dinner. Space can be used by children to play video games or entertain their own friends, it can be considered the man cave. If it is enclosed it can be a separate playroom for toddlers or just the peaceful retreat to read or have quiet time. It has really become a versatile add on for so many families and when designed correctly, can be used all year round.

Outdoor Entertaining Designs

We have seen the size of properties change in recent years. The Australian dream of owning a quarter acre block is all but a distant memory. We are now moving into different shaped houses and odd-shaped blocks. The clever use and design of the outdoor space in homes have started to become the first consideration for those building or renovating. Designers and clients alike have become all too aware of making the most of every square inch.

Here are 6 things to consider when designing your outdoor space

  1. Storage, storage, storage – As if you haven’t got enough to do inside, don’t clutter up the outside either. Plan for some outdoor storage space, even in the smallest of areas.
  2. Vertical gardens – The key to an instant lift without taking away from ground space. Green is always good for the eye, the soul, not to mention the lungs with carbon dioxide being sucked in, oxygen pumped out.
  3. The BBQ – The outdoor cooking industry has also made the most of our love of outdoor entertaining. There are so many fantastic options including charcoal, electric and gas BBQs, smokers and pizza ovens. Once you’ve decided on the size for your area, buy the best outdoor cooker in that range.
  4. Furniture – Make it comfortable, neutral and minimal. Don’t go for current trending colours or too big for the area. With dining furniture think twice about bench seats, a great space saver but you won’t be comfortable sitting on something with no back support for more than about half an hour.
  5. Heating – If you want the most out of your outdoor space it needs to be heated for use all year round.
  6. Keep it simple – Don’t make this a cluttered area. Make it easy and spacious enough for people to move around easily and uncluttered enough so you don’t waste time cleaning and rearranging.
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What Designers Are Saying

Parke Slope Design

In a recent design, Joan incorporated Infratech heaters. She researched the category and realised there was nothing else on the market that fitted her design concepts or offered comparable quality. She was able to choose their finish so as to complement the existing outdoor design. She liked the design because they were thin and inconspicuous. They don’t jut out as a standalone appliance. They blend with the whole space.

Stout Design Build

Outdoor spaces that are multifunctional. Space, where the kids can play, shouldn’t detract from the beauty of the garden. It also needs to be functional and versatile, think entertaining clients or watching the game with friends. We are also getting a lot of requests for plunge pools and spas. When it comes to handling the transitional weather we always think Infratech heating. We use Infratech because of their streamlined look and quality.

Ro-Rockett Designs

We choose the WD-6024 for their low profile and performance. When we work with a very tall space, the WD-6024 gave us the output and control to condition the covered deck spaces. With the performance of the units, they are able to extend the use of the outdoor space.

Focus on Heating

In the past, outdoor heating provided a fairly limited choice. With gas heaters there was the environmental impact, the cost of replacing the gas bottle and the heat wasn’t very directional, extra use of space, etc. Wood fires are a romantic notion but also come with drawbacks. The ongoing cost of wood, where to store it, environmental implications, everything smelling of smoke, the danger to children, extra use of space etc. Infrared heaters are now making quite an impact on the outdoor strip heater market.

Features of Infratech heaters:

  • Made from 100% recyclable materials.
  • Do not release any greenhouse emissions
  • Odourless
  • Noiseless
  • No ultraviolet light emissions
  • Provides radiant heat
  • Infrared heat technology means heat that is emitted warms up surface areas safely, including furniture and people, not air
  • Infratech heaters have a Quartz heating element
  • Low-hi glow which will blend with any décor.
  • 90% output of pure radiant heat (gas 50%, wood 30%)
  • Only cents to run per hour
  • Space saver. It can be wall mounted, flush ceiling mounted or pole mounted
  • A range of sizes to complement any area

How does heating play a crucial role all year round?

Some people haven’t even considered their outdoor area to be an all year prospect. Many only have a heating option to use when the weather contradicts the forecast. Melbourne can be especially fickle in that regard. We have seen the issues of the gas and wood heating present. With their low output, ongoing costs and environmental impacts, we could be forgiven for only wanting to use them occasionally. This makes the use of your outdoor area very limited.

Infratech infrared heating with creating the most effective source of an odourless, silent, environmentally safe, cost-efficient form of warmth with maximum output. With just the flick of a switch, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor area in summer, autumn, winter or spring. Infratech heating will change the way you live.

W-Series Infratech Heaters

Infratech’s original patio heating series. Infratech’s classic W-Series products are an excellent choice for most basic installations that require cost-effective controls. They are energy efficient, with wide, polished reflectors that provide comfortable, uniform distribution of heat over a broad coverage area.

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WD-Series Infratech Heaters

These are a dual element heating system and are larger in size and wattage than the W and SL series. They can be installed in areas that have 8-14 feet mounting heights. The range includes choices of units between 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 watts.

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SL-Series Infratech Heaters

These slimline heaters will fit seamlessly into your outdoor area. They are appropriate for surface mount applications up to 11 feet. They come with a T-slot which gives the customer flexible mounting options. Available in durable anodized aluminium housing finishes including silver, bronze and all black Slimline Shadow, these applications are available in 1600, 2400, 3000 and 4000-watt models.

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