Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

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Infratech outdoor heaters are the preferred heating solution for architects and designers worldwide. What are designers looking to achieve when they incorporate Infratech heaters in a brief? Here we will share the designers’ vision and how Infratech, the industry leaders in electric heat helps them achieve their aim.

Infratech is one of the industry leaders in electric panel heating and prides themselves on innovation, smart design and environmental awareness. They have been producing indoor and outdoor heating solutions for over 50 years. With its electric infrared technology and stainless steel design, it is 90% energy efficient in an enclosed area. It does not lose continuum with the wind or elements and the electric infrared heat is directional which produces an incredibly high power of radiant energy, consistently. The radiant Infratech heaters do not emit odours or greenhouse gases and are silent in their operation. They do not require any ventilation.

Infratech Heaters - Architects & Designers

Infrared technology distributes an even, ambient heat that will not be overpowering or have you huddled around the element. Infratech heaters have a Quartz element which provides an environmentally clean, safe wavelength of light that is only absorbed by solid objects (tables, chairs, people) as opposed to heating the air in your outdoor area.


History and vision

This design company has an emphasis on creating a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. They aim to make the distinction between the two areas subtle and understated. The origin of the company began in Iceland. The owners Erla Dodd and Tryggvi started the business in 1999. In that time they have managed to gain a reputation in the industry as leaders in environmental and holistic design. They approach their work from this starting point.

Inspiration and purpose

They engage in both commercial and residential design. These highly respected designers approach their work with a nod to minimalism which incorporates a combination of their Iceland origin and the beautiful Californian climate. They say coming from one extreme to the other you definitely enjoy the milder climate. The warmer weather is something to be celebrated and incorporated into the design of living spaces. They like to create an indoor living area and an outdoor living area. It is their belief that interacting with nature in a livable setting makes you both happier and healthier. Their aim is for people to enjoy the outside world while inside.


These designers also believe the opportunities for inside/outside living in California and LA are endless. The seamless flow between the inside and outside spaces and the incorporation of usable outdoor living areas makes their designs widely sought after.


So what are these designers influenced by? The surrounding natural space is their starting point for conceptual inspiration. They assess the natural area around the design location and do their best to optimise its features. They try to incorporate sustainable, holistic and environmentally aware elements. The first consideration is natural materials in their buildings and they try to keep them in the original form. They are eco-conscience in the approach to all their designs which is something their clients appreciate. This includes consideration being given to the recyclability of materials, the environmental footprint left and the amount of waste created. There is no use of tiles, carpet or paint in the designs.

What homes have the Infratech heaters installed? Minarc design incorporates the Infratech heating solution in virtually all of their designs. In recent jobs including the Drexel residence, Sherbourne residence, Dawksknoll House, Appleton House, Greenfield Residence and many others, Infratech has been the heating installation.

When asked what Erla Dodd and Tryggvi see as the future of architecture in Southern California they both agree that an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to builds will be a priority for clients going forward. There will also be a focus on minimal building waste as well as more prefabrication of buildings. Minarc has created a design technique which already incorporates many eco-friendly ideals. It is known as mnmMOD which is a zero net, waste-free construction method which is created from recycled materials which are by definition recyclable.

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