Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

Bridge Hotel Uses Infratech Heaters

The Bridge Hotel is one of Richmond’s oldest pubs.

Situated at 642 Bridge Road Richmond, The Bridge offers a beautiful mixture of old with modern day design trends. It even has a cobblestone laneway running straight through the middle of it!

The Bridge has a unique way of maintaining its quaint charm across its 3 separate areas. There is a Public Bar, Diner and dedicated Dining Room. To create the perfect dining and entertaining area, the Hotel must have specialised heating. This is to cater for the indoor and outdoor experience for the patrons.

Creating the perfect ambience for their patrons, the Bridge Hotel employed the help of the designers at Infratech. We installed a unique configuration that suits the crazy Melbourne weather and can warm the patrons in no time.

The Bridge Hotel is not just an eatery. It has live bands, live sports screening, a kids area and outdoor seating. That’s quite a challenge to heat and the Bridge has done it seamlessly with our Infratech heaters. Indiscreetly hanging from the ceiling areas inside and outside the hotel, they provide a warm ambient glow when operating. Infratech heaters also heat the furniture around the area as well, commonly known as radiant heatersInfratech heaters don’t just lose heat into ceiling cavity areas like gas or solid fuel heaters.

They are also extremely safe for areas where multiples of people gather and do not emit any greenhouse gases or odours. Being cheaper to run than any other form or heater and they are noiseless. Our Infratech heaters are the perfect design complement for any eating or entertaining area.

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