Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

Extending Your Trading Hours with Infratech Heaters

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Reasons for Using Outdoor Heating

Infratech heaters are not only found in homes. They are a commercial application that can be found in many restaurants, night clubs, hotels, resorts, cafes, etc. Infratech infrared heaters pay for themselves very quickly in entertainment precincts as they allow a venue to be open all year round, both inside and out. If a venue has a good following, an increase in patronage will be a natural progression with extended opening hours.

Various cafes and bars provide outdoor dining opportunities for their patrons. If the venue does not provide heating they are sadly missing the opportunity for passing traffic and free advertising. If people are driving or walking past a venue and see diners outside, they know there must be some form of heating which may entice them to come in. Even in the colder months many people still like the opportunity to dine outside.

Venues Can Offer Longer Trading Hours

One of the limiting factor in trading hours is unseasonal weather, especially in Melbourne. Venues that have good heating sources often offer longer opening hours. This creates a consistent following of patrons because they can be sure if it is a bit chilly outside, they will be warm. Customers are loyal. If you provide a consistent service and have regular patrons they are bound to enjoy the longer opening hours. Giving people longer trading hours gives them the opportunity the stay and continue spending. Giving patrons restricted hours gives them the opportunity to leave and possibly continue to spend money elsewhere, where it’s warm.

Costs of Doing Business and Extending Trading Hours

Many heating options in large venues are expensive to run. Split systems, gas heating units, electric heating units, outdoor gas heaters, wood fires. There is a cost to all of these, some more than others. Infratech strip heats cost only cents per hour to run.

The major cost of the unit is at the time of purchase, after that you know exactly what your outgoings will be with regards to heating. Because you have installed a safe, no intrusive, inexpensive heating unit, you can now justify extending opening hours. Some venues have summer hours and winter hours in keeping with daylight savings and warmer weather. Your venue can have extended opening hours all year long with Infratech outdoor heaters. This would certainly increase revenue.

  Feature   Benefit
No greenhouse gas emissionsHealthier and safer environment for staff and patrons
OdourlessNo gas or wood smells being absorbed
Radiant heatModels have a range of 10×10 feet
Infrared technologyHeats solid objects like people and furniture, not the air
Quartz heating elementGood quality, durable, long lasting
Low-hi glowBlends with any decor
90% outputBest output of any heating option
Cents to run per hourBest financial saving of any heating option
Wall, ceiling or pole mountedNo loss of ground space, inconspicuous
RangeSizes to fit all areas
Infratech designersWork with you to maximise your heated area
The chance to extend trading hoursThe chance to create more revenue
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