Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

Winter Months and Outdoor Heating

Traditional Melbourne Weather

Melbourne can be a cold place between June and August each year. Temperatures average 15 degrees during the day and can plummet to single digit figures in the evening. In these winter months we tend to stay home more. We only venture out when we can guarantee a warm and cosy evening. Looking for a place to meet friends or enjoy a meal out can be challenging.

Maximise outdoor home entertaining areas

Sometimes in the harsh winter months, it’s just easier to stay home rather than venture to restaurants or entertainment venues. Everybody feels the same. So why not turn your house into the entertainment environment? You can have friends over for a drink, enjoy a meal or perhaps watch a sporting event. These days, many homes are incorporating some form of outdoor heating. This allows us to maximise the usage of this extra living space all year round. Infratech infrared radiant heat is the most energy and cost efficient form of heating on the market. It is silent, environmentally friendly and generates 90% efficiency. They can be wall, pole or ceiling mounted. For those who want a completely seamless integration, they can even be recessed flush into the ceiling.

Heating your patio area means you can catch up with friends all year round, no matter what the weather. An infrared type of patio heater can create a warmth and ambiance that welcomes friends and family. Infratech heaters generate an amount of heat that is at a 90% efficiency level. Gas heating is less than 30% and fire pit heating is less than 20%. Running costs are minimal and they are whisper quiet. For many people, they want their outdoor heating to quickly warm the area without being a focal point. This is exactly what Infratech outdoor heaters do.

A great way to gain more living outdoor space when you do a home improvement or renovation is to heat the outdoor area. This is the perfect way to increase the usable space in your home. When doing this, outdoor heating is a major decision. Consideration needs to be given to fuel type and ongoing costs.

Maximise outdoor entertaining areas in clubs and restaurants

Infratech infrared heaters are not only an outdoor application but an indoor option as well. This is good news for owners of entertainment or food venues. Many restaurants, night clubs, hotels, resorts, cafes, etc. install Infratech heaters. Efficient heating can allow a business to maintain a loyal customer base all year round. This translates to the viability and increased profits of a food and beverage business.

Cold Melbourne months can often restrict food and beverage suppliers growing their customer base. Then they have to promote heavily again in the summer to try to regain patronage. Venues that have good sources of heating stay open for longer. This creates loyal patronage and is a perfect opportunity for subliminal, cost free advertising. Word of mouth will definitely contribute to increased customer traffic.

If you run a more expensive type of heating, whether it be indoor or out, you may want to consider Infratech heating. The units cost only cents per hour to run, are safe and heat objects including people and furniture – not the air. They do not emit any greenhouse gases and can be installed flush into ceilings for complete design discretion.

Why not make your venue the perfect destination for every season? We also know in Melbourne we can have four seasons in one day. You need to be prepared with superior heating options to offer customers. Infratech have been researching, manufacturing and installing commercial grade heating for over 50 years. They have an inhouse design team that work with architects and supervisors. This allows you to tailor the perfect configuration of heating for your indoor or outdoor needs. Infratech pride themselves on their material quality, before and after sales information and flexibility and functionality of design.

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