Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

2018 Spring Outdoor Design & Ideas

Latest Spring Outdoor Designs

Spring is here, and our focus turns to head outdoors again to enjoy the bursting beautiful colours in our gardens and backyards. It is inspirational and we find ourselves wanting to enhance what we have or start a whole new garden project. The aim is to create a relaxing outdoor entertaining area with a few choice focal points.

Following up from our previous design ideas, it’s all about creating. Create the space that best suits you and your needs. Avoid anything high maintenance unless you are really into your gardening and have the time. Let’s look at what is trending in gardens.


The hottest trend now is Eco Gardens. This is a landscape that requires minimal watering and maintenance. Native grasses and succulents are just as visually appealing as potted colour. Mix the both together to give that earthy eclectic feel. Symmetry and geometry are key here. Spend time laying out your perfect eco garden to scale. Too much of one thing and not enough of another may create a look and feel you weren’t actually hoping for. For such a job it may be wise to consider a landscape designer.


There is nothing wrong with the almighty fire pit but this year designers and landscapers are opting for water features. This actually complements the whole eco garden movement. It will provide water to promote bird and wildlife and it is a beautiful practical addition to any area.


Many of us live in smaller spaces these days but that does not mean we need to compromise on living colour or leafy bright green foliage. Small gardens are also on trend for Spring 2018 and we can show you some quick tips to get you off the couch and into your local plant market or nursery.

If you have a small garden, a limited patio or even side yard, there is plenty to do to create that living breathing sanctuary to come home to when the weather is warmer and the days become longer. It has been scientifically proven two of the most calming things people cannot take their eyes off is flame and running water. So here is your ideal starting point. Most people will have room for a small chiminea and a small water feature. If you do not have room for both, choose the one you think you may use more. So make this feature your first choice and then choose your plants according to the space you have left. Don’t forget the outdoor furniture. There are lots of smaller tables and chairs to suit limited areas.

If you have wall space you may want to install some form of wall garden whether it be hanging ferns or herbs or potted colour. If you are desperate to grow some form of fruit in for the summer months and you have an area that receives a lot of sun, why not put in a couple of tomato plants? They add great colour outside but more importantly image toast with your fresh tomato with maybe a hint of basil or just salt and pepper on top.  Another fruit that doesn’t take up much space that is easy to grow is strawberries, again a great splash of colour and a great dessert idea with cream on top.

If you’re challenged out the back for space make sure your choice of plants or ferns marries with the surrounding climate and conditions as well. Choose things that coincide with how much sun the area receives, follow a watering regime and remember, you don’t have to have a plot of dirt to have a garden, potted plants or raised box planters will do the job just as well. 


For those lucky enough to have a bit more room play with your imagination is your only limitation. Again, depending on how you use your outdoor space you can tailor make it to your outdoor living room. Another option if you have a rather large outdoor living space you may wish to break it up into sections.

Arbours can create the illusion of stepping into another world. Make sure you plant something that will cover it in thick green foliage. Vines. These glorious little creepers give us the warm feeling of being transported to other places. Maybe a wisteria for that old world gentle mauve colour, or a grapevine to remind you of that trip to Italy.  Being able to tell a story with your garden design always adds to its romance and appeal.

Perhaps set up a dedicated sitting area with just a couple of outdoor chairs and a table.

You can also create a veg patch and make the family self-sufficient all year round.

The key to creating a seamless entry into the next stage of the garden is hedges, trees, paths and potted plants. This subconsciously creates the illusion of moving from one outdoor room to the other.


Outdoor dining has become so popular in recent years. A great way to make yourself a dedicated outdoor eating area is to put a trellises up or maybe a couple of old wooden ladders. You can hang old lanterns or photos or crystals to catch the light. Or you can plant something that will weave its way around the structure over the years.

For those in a more playful mood or have little people, a fairy garden is always a lot of fun. Keep the wonder and magic alive for your children through the art of gardening and designing.

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