Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

Banoi Restaurant – Another Great Spot to Enjoy All Year Round

Banoi Restaurant - Another Great Spot to Enjoy All Year Round

Banoi Restaurant in the Heart of Melbourne

The popular Banoi Restaurant has two Melbourne locations, 807 Burke Street, Docklands and 530 Little Bourke Street.  It is one of the area’s finest authentic Vietnamese dining experiences.  Its focus is traditional homestyle food handed down from owner Michael’s grandmother.

Old style recipes as Bun Bo Hue, one of the most popular Vietnamese noodle soup dishes, Wagyu Beef seared rare in the pan mixed a spicy citrus marmalade or the ever popular Chicken Salad (Goi Ga), Sous Vide chicken cabbage, slaw, red onion, Asian herbs, shallots, fish sauce dressing and sesame rice crackers.  People love the fresh and flavoursome experience with Vietnamese food and Banoi is never empty.  Lunch crowds can take advantage of weekly specials, with a takeaway counter available for grab-and-go rice paper rolls and baguettes.  Banoi can also cater for your next event.

Banoi’s attention to detail is second to none.  They have also taken great care in ensuring the comfort of all their diners.  The outside patrons of the restaurant can enjoy a warm atmosphere all year round with the installation of Infratech commercial grade heating.  To maintain the temperature continuity the industrial heaters also radiant an ambient heat to also complement the indoor dining experience regardless of the weather.

With extensive opening hours, its 85-seat restaurant also caters to vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free preferences.  It has a child-friendly option, extensive takeaway menu and can serve beer in-house.

The numerous and favourable reviews continually mention the great atmosphere, quick friendly service and authentic fresh, flavour packed cuisine.

Banoi is so popular they have mirrored their Melbourne dining experience in the CBD in Brisbane.  Due to their central locations, Banoi realises the need for quick and easy lunches for working customers.  If you are looking for a quick, light, flavour packed lunch, put Banoi on the top of your list.  To ensure your evening dining experience, bookings are recommended.

Banoi Restaurant - Another Great Spot to Enjoy All Year Round

Why Choose Infratech Heaters for Your Business?

The Technology

Infratech is one of the industry’s leading panel heating specialist.  They pride themselves on innovation, smart design and environmental awareness. They have been producing heating for over 50 years and create the most up to date quality materials and components that technology allows.  Infratech infrared heating delivers 90% efficiency outdoors.  It does not lose continuum with the wind or elements, it is directional and produces an incredibly high power of radiant heat, consistently.  Infratech heaters do not emit odours or greenhouse gases and are silent in their operation.  They also do not require any ventilation.

Why Your Business Needs Outdoor Heating

Infratech heaters can be found in homes, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, resorts, cafes.  The commercial use of the product makes sense from an increased revenue and patronage point of view.  It gives customers a reason to come to your venue all year-round. For big complexes such as hotels and resorts, Infratech works with these industries to create heating design solutions adequate for their large spaces.

From a domestic angle, well the benefits are various.  You basically create another room in your house when you install an Infratech panel heating.  You can sit outdoors to entertain guests, no matter what time of year.  You can sit outside with your coffee or breakfast to enjoy the outdoor experience in the morning. You can eat outdoors with the family every night.  An extra living room can be created whether it is for you or the kids. The uses an Infratech heater creates for your outdoor area are endless. You could even put one in the man cave.

Big complexes such as hotels and resorts have very specific needs.  Infratech can work with these industries to create heating design solutions suitable for their large spaces.

For more specific sizing information Contact Us today.

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