Infratech Heaters Made In USA
Infratech Heaters Made In USA

3 More Great Spots to Enjoy

We continue to name some of our favourite local bars and restaurant you can enjoy, even on those cold nights, with a little help from some Infratech Heaters.

For Cafe & Restaurant owners, Infratech heaters work wonderfully in any dining setting, both indoors and out. The perfect addition to keep your guests comfortable in your surrounds.

San Churro Melbourne cafe Infratech Heaters

Life is sweeter at San Churro…

Hungry for some sweet treats from San Churro? Luckily you can enjoy their entire space under Infratech heaters all year round.

San Churro offers a vibrant friendly environment where friends & family can spend time together and bond over delicious sweet food and beverages.

At San Churro, you’ll get to sample their popular Spanish-style churros along with taste plates, truffles and so much more. A great spot for the whole family.

Byblos Melbourne Infratech Heaters Melbourne cafe Infratech Heaters

Taking it all in on the Yarra

On the banks of the Yarra River, Byblos Melbourne serves up some amazing food in a beautiful atmosphere, powered by Infratech heaters.

Byblos Melbourne brings that modern-day feel of Mediterranean coastal Lebanon, right to our doorstep.

Byblos Bar & Restaurant combines Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine with luxurious surroundings, sitting on one of Melbourne’s iconic landmarks. The perfect setting for a quiet dinner or a special event.

Bridge Hotel Infratech Heaters Melbourne cafe Infratech Heaters

Where Architecture meets Tradition

The Bridge Hotel is one of Melbourne’s most popular pubs. Its outdoor area is the perfect location for a great night out and – it’s fitted with Infratech Heaters throughout.

All year round, enjoy a cozy night with mates down at the Bridge – located right near the Yarra River, Richmond.

The Bridge Hotel can offer a broad range of options all year round,  to suit a variety of events and functions.

Don’t let cold nights keep patrons away from your establishment, keep them happy and read on – Why All Cafe & Restaurant Owners should have Commercial Outdoor Heating

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