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Infrared Heaters Caboolture South

Installation Versatility
With options suitable for wall or ceiling mount installations, and models designed for different mounting heights and heat capacities, Infratech outdoor heaters can accommodate a wide range of outdoor spaces and heating requirements, including high ceilings and low clearances.
User-Friendly Strip Heating
The advanced control options, including voice activation, make it convenient for users to manage their outdoor heating. Voice control and smart technology means you'll have power over comfort with minimum fuss.
Replacement Heater Elements
Infratech's outdoor heater elements are rated for up to 5,000 hours of use. Unlike other brands, when it comes time to replace the elements, you don't have to throw out the heater. Just replace with a genuine Infratech heating element, saving you time and installation costs
Infrared Efficiency Unleashed
Infratech Infrared outdoor heaters maximise use of energy, converting over 90% of input into heat, providing optimal heating efficiency, saving you money and keeping everyone happy.
Eco-Friendly Performance
Operating without any greenhouse gas emissions or unpleasant odours, Infratech outdoor strip heaters contribute to a cleaner, fresher outdoor environment. Your guests will enjoy the warmth without the hazards.
Low Maintenance, High Reward
Forget about time-consuming upkeep. Infratech outdoor heaters offer virtually maintenance-free operation, letting you focus on comfort, or for commercial venues, keeping your customers warm for longer.
Industry-Leading Warranty
Rest assured with Infratech's three-year warranty, the most comprehensive in the industry, covering your heating solution end-to-end. You can be confident that your outdoor heater will go the distance and be ready when you need it.
Smart Zoning, Energy Saving
With Infratech heaters' zoning capabilities, adjust your comfort while minimising energy consumption when you have several heaters running together. Efficient heating tailored to your needs, when and where you need it.

American Craftsmanship

Backed by over 50 years of American craftsmanship, these heaters meet the highest standards of durability and performance.

Three-Year Warranty

Infratech offers an industry-leading three-year warranty, ensuring your heating system stays as good as new.

Media Endorsed

Infratech's Infrared heaters have been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Architectural Digest.

Eco-Friendly & Efficient

Infratech heaters are eco-friendly, operating with zero greenhouse emissions and made from recyclable materials.

Easy Installation

Infratech heaters can be flush-mounted or suspended, making them a discreet addition to your outdoor space, and blend seamlessly with your decor.

Smart Home Integration

Infratech heaters offer smart home integration for easy control so you can adjust your outdoor comfort with just a few simple commands.

Outdoor Strip Heating for your Caboolture South Home or Business

Choose Infratech for Outdoor Heating in Your Caboolture South Property

Infratech Comfort Logo
If you’re looking for outdoor heating for your Caboolture South property, Infratech provides outstanding value and reliability that caters to your unique outdoor heating requirements.

When it comes to outdoor heating solutions, Infratech is a cut above the rest. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most environmentally friendly, and cost-effective radiant heating options to homeowners and businesses across the Caboolture South area.

· Superior Efficiency: Infratech heaters convert over 90% of input energy directly into radiant heat, giving you a warmer space using less power.

· Zero Emissions: Our heaters operate without producing any greenhouse gases or unpleasant odours, making them a more sustainable choice.

· Low Maintenance: Infratech heaters are virtually maintenance-free, designed for reliability and longevity.

· Industry-Leading Warranty: Benefit from peace of mind with our three-year warranty, the most extensive in the industry.

· Smart Zoning Capabilities: Our heaters can be grouped and regulated in zones, allowing for adjustable comfort while minimising energy consumption.

· Experienced Support: Backed by our knowledgeable customer service team, ready to assist with your heating needs and offer the best advice for your unique situation.

Infratech's outdoor heaters are an investment in quality, performance, and environmental responsibility. From residential patios to commercial venues, our heating solutions deliver superior comfort, ensuring your outdoor spaces can be enjoyed year-round, no matter what the weather is like.


It depends on your specific needs. However, Infratech electric outdoor heaters are a great option for many. They provide efficient, eco-friendly heat, with options for various sizes and heat outputs to suit any outdoor area.
Yes, electric outdoor heaters like those from Infratech are designed specifically for outdoor use. They're built with weather-resistant materials and can safely provide heat in a variety of outdoor settings.
Absolutely! An outdoor strip heater like those from Infratech extends the usability of your outdoor area into the colder months. This means more family dinners under the stars, more relaxing evenings on the patio, and more comfortable outdoor gatherings at your Caboolture South home or business
Yes, Infratech strip heaters can be safely installed under pergolas, patios, and other outdoor structures. These heaters are designed for outdoor use and come with a variety of mounting options.
An Infratech heater can keep your pergola warm in winter. These outdoor heaters provide radiant heat that warms people and objects directly, making your pergola a comfortable space to enjoy, even when the temperature drops.
The size of your patio heater should depend on the size of your outdoor space. Infratech offers a range of outdoor heaters with different power outputs to suit spaces of all sizes. Visit our dealer in Caboolture South to find the perfect model for your patio or for any outdoor area.

The Ideal Choice for Outdoor Heaters

Suitable for both commercial and residential use

Outdoor Heaters, Caboolture South

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About Caboolture South, QLD

Caboolture South is a suburb in the City of Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, Caboolture South had a population of 5,300 people. == Geography == The suburb is bounded to the north and west by the Caboolture River and to the east by Cundoor Creek, its tributary.The North Coast railway line enters the suburb from the south-east (Morayfield) and exists to the north-east (Caboolture). The line splits the suburb with the areas west of the line being residential areas with associated services, while the areas east of the line are used for industry and agriculture.The Burpengary–Caboolture Road (Morayfield Road) runs through from south to north. == History == The name Caboolture is from the Yugarabul Aboriginal language meaning place of carpet snake which is located south of the original Caboolture township.Caboolture State School opened on 4 August 1873. In 1890 it became Caboolture South State School. In 1908 it was renamed Morayfield State School.Caboolture Special School opened in January 1980.In the 2011 census, Caboolture South recorded a population of 4,857 people, 51% female and 49% male. The median age of the Caboolture South population was 31 years, 6 years below the national median of 37. People identifying as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make up 5.6% of the population. 77.7% of people living in Caboolture South were born in Australia.

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Bus Stop in Caboolture River Rd near Morayfield Rd Caboolture South, QLD to Infratech

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Bus Stop in Mingaye St near Queen St Caboolture South, QLD to Infratech

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Bus Stop in Market Dr near Suter Dr Caboolture South, QLD to Infratech

Bus Stop in King St at Maple Lane Caboolture South, QLD to Infratech

Bus Stop in Mingaye St near Queen St Caboolture South, QLD to Infratech

Bus Stop in Macadamia St near Torrens Rd Caboolture South, QLD to Infratech

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Wow. Seriously great service. I got screwed around by my bank while they waited past closing time until resolved. Went well beyond most to get me what I wanted on the night. Could not be happier.

Infratech Reviews

Robert Keane

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Great shop with very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly staff. Not to mention fantastic BBQ,s and everything to go with them.

Infratech Reviews

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Got a great deal on Weber BBQ centre at Aspley home centre

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